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HIU cooperates with Hunter Global Education

In the afternoon of 2nd Oct, representatives of Hong Bang International University- HIU have met and had a conversation with representatives of Hunter Global Education organization. The session focused on utilizing the strength for Technology faculty of the University.Attending to the session, there was Mr. Vu Minh Tri- Vice General Director in charge of undergraduates and graduates of Nguyen Hoang Group, Mr. William Carrol- the President of Hunter Global Education and Ms. Elsie Yuan- Vice President of the organization with specialists of HIU and Hunter.

Mr. Vu Minh Tri- Vice General Director in charge of undergraduates and graduates of NHG

Hunter Global Education (Hunter) was established with the purpose of eliminating the distance between educator from United States of America and Asia as well as businesses.In globalized trend, the need of educational consultation and support from credible educational service organization such as Hunter is the accreditation for HIU students to have qualified knowledge at HIU. With this cooperation, HIU believes curricula and services from Hunter will help HIU overcoming “the knowledge gap” that most of Vietnamese Universities are struggling.The ultimate goal of HIU is providing practical knowledge, enhancing global practices through various new and attractive programs as well as improving the International experience of students.Mr. Vu Minh Tri - the well-known leader in Technology field shared: "Information technology field in Vietnam will significantly change, and it had already happened at HIU. For instance, it happened to some majors relevant to 4.0 revolution and health science. We focused on cooperating with top Universities globally to bring the best curriculum to HIU. We have sharpened the practical skills to assist for academics. HIU had already deployed the application of Office 365 from Microsoft to teach and the e-library is promised to be the widest range of publication in Vietnam. These technology applications have been used to assist teaching and learning experience at HIU as well as easily connecting with partners Universities domestically and internationally. Nguyen Hoang Group had already invested in technical foundations and only awaiting execution. IT will support to the international conversation, online classrooms, HIU students are able to communicate to international students from over the world about any topics right at their auditoriums, library, book café or even at home”.

Aligning with the development strategy of the University, in the near future, HIU will establish 2 more majors including Cyber security and CIS- Computer Information System and probably approaching to the advanced program about Computer science and Information Technology for the 4.0 revolution ( Artifact Intelligent, Big data, Internet of thing, Cloud service,..)

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