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Hunter Global Education, LLC (Hunter) was established to bridge educational gaps between American and Asian educational institutions and businesses.  Hunter is the result of over fifty years of building income-producing programs--domestic and international.   



The challenges facing American higher education institutions have never been greater—declining demographics, increasing competition, questions regarding the value of a higher education degree itself, tired and seemingly irrelevant curricula, disappearing markets, and shrinking funding—to name but a few.  These challenges pull at the fabric of an institution’s very existence.


Hunter provides to U.S. universities/colleges

  • program development, 

  • structuring adult programming and services, 

  • identification of new markets, 

  • and pricing strategies,

  • presidential coaching. 


With today's globalization, the need for honest, affordable, and reliable educational advice and assistance is growing.  Institutions that once served local and regional needs are now being challenged to enter the global market.   Students who once attended local and regional colleges and universities are venturing far from home to secure their education. Good decisions in all these areas require a sound knowledge of other cultures and countries. 


Hunter seeks to fill this "knowledge void" with its many programs and services.  Hunter personnel began building significant income-producing international programs over 20 years in ago in Asia and experienced many hurdles and challenges in a region that focuses heavily on rankings and has little knowledge about America’s institutions, especially private institutions. As a result, we have been able to build successful programs, generate positive revenue, and grow good partnerships and relationships. Our experience and well-established Asia network give you a competitive edge. Our goal is to provide you with our expertise, increase your international reach in Asia, assist you in developing new and exciting revenue-producing programs, and contribute to your international vision and efforts.


We believe in building pipeline programs for the long run, like planting trees that will last.  Establishing a pipeline program will help to attract students through a joint program and build a long-term partnership. Rather than attending recruitment fairs with many unknown factors, you can now focus on promoting your institution to students and partners who know and trust you. We are passionate in working with institutions that challenge the status quo and are willing to seize opportunities. In addition to international programming, ​

Hunter will assist clients in developing income-producing and sustainable international programs.  The goal is to identify a partner university for U.S. clients that aligns with U.S. client’s international vision by creating and building new partnerships and pipeline programs.  This process unfolds as follows


  • Hunter will take time to understand a client’s needs and then identity a market.

  • Promote and market client institution in a targeted international market.

  • Establish international university to university partnerships.

  • Develop joint income-producing programs.

  • Oversee appropriate approval processes.

  • Work with international partner in marketing and recruiting students.


William J. Carroll

Managing Partner

Carroll served for twenty years as Benedictine University's tenth president.  During his tenure, The Chronicle of Higher Education named Benedictine "as the fastest growing university on the country" 2002-12."  Carroll developed programs throughout the U.S. and in China and Vietnam.

Managing Partner

Yuan has developed successfully and managed dozens of international programs for Asian and American universities/colleges. She has extensive experience in developing and managing international programs in challenging environments. Her strong interpersonal skills and know-how have made her extremely effective in securing the governmental approvals for clients' international programs. 

Elsie  Yuan


Hunter Global Education About Us
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"Hunter Global has a unique approach to identifying, developing, and cementing international partnerships for small- and medium-sized private, liberal arts colleges.  Namely, based upon their extensive, long, in-country experience Hunter targets "mission fit" partners - rather than an un-targeted, buck-shot approach.  This is, in the long-term, not only a more viable but also a more integrity-based approach."

Arvid Johnson, President

University of St. Francis

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