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GlocalEdu and Hunter Global Education (HGE) Strategic Alliance

Glocal and Hunter Global Education, one a Chinese company and the other American, have formed a unique alliance to provide tailored services to students and institutions.

Hunter Global Education has dedicated itself to furthering unique educational initiatives since its founding in 2016. Hunter has been active in promoting international education programming, assisting client institutions in developing international programs, and supporting The Council of Independent College’s (CIC) initiatives. “There are many U.S. institutions who want to go international but don’t know how,” said William Carroll, president of Hunter Global Education (HGE), “the purpose of creating HGE was to help those institutions in need to realize their potential. International programming, especially in Asia, can be a difficult journey. Our many years of program development experience in Asia has paved the way for institutional success.” Hunter has a track record of developing successful programs and promotes international education. Hunter obtained the Chinese Ministry of Education’s approval for a 3+1 program in 2019 and established successfully many educational programs for over a decade.

Glocal is the combination of the two words, Global and Local. Glocal Edu is an innovative and a fast-growing company which provides a local platform to support better learning for students and share global knowledge. Glocal is the official designated partner for Educational Testing Service (ETS), Cambridge ESOL, Oxford University Press, and Cengage Learning in China. Chinese students can take English language tests through Glocal’s platform. Glocal has a network of Chinese partner universities including top ranked universities like Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing Normal University, Southeast University, and Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, just to name a few. Chinese students and universities/colleges have been using Glocal’s platform for English language learning and testing.

The Glocal and Hunter partnership aims to assist educational institutions in developing meaningful collaborations between Chinese and American institutions and provide more customized services to Chinese students.

To learn more about how we may help you in Enrollment Management and Partnership Development, please contact Glocal U.S. Exclusive Representative, Elsie Yuan at

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