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In these troubling and precarious times, universities are having to make extremely difficult decisions as to how to allocate resources in the coming months and years. While no one has a crystal ball to read the future, there are certain constants that universities must protect. The most fundamental constant is that most (if not all) universities are tuition-driven; income growth and financial stability are crucial. This stability, while being threatened by the effects of COVID-19, has already been compromised by the results of decreasing demographics, increasing competition, and stagnation in the ability to raise already high tuitions.

As presidents and cabinets look for ways of decreasing expenditures, international programming areas seem ripe for a reduction in personnel and programming. Certainly, the moratorium on international travel, the rising tensions between countries, and a projected slow return to the normalcy of yesterday’s international programming do not bode well for continuing to pump resources into international programs that by dint of circumstances have been put on hold.

Before international programming is relegated to things that used to be offered but can no longer be sustained or afforded, it might be useful to reflect on enrollment management. Enrollment management is not a one stop, one size fits all. It is a journey. Successful enrollment takes years to develop and grow. With the declining demographics of traditional aged students and increasing competition, even before COVIDovid-19, institutions looked for new markets to ply their marketing and recruiting efforts. For institutions to reduce or cut resources for international programming may result in a short term fix becoming a long term mistake.

Is there an alternative to lowering international expenses and still maintain and grow international programming?

The Hunter Global Education Initiative

Even in a time of a global pandemic, Hunter obtained the approval this month for one of our clients to offer their program in Vietnam. We want to help you to develop similar programs – income producing programs or assist you with your needs for this type of challenging times. Through an outsourcing relationship with Hunter Global Education you can lower your on-campus and travel costs and still…

  • Recruit international students

  • Participate in student exchange programs worldwide

  • Identify international partners

  • Develop international programs

  • Have representatives on the ground in the foreign country without incurring travel costs

  • Garner appropriate governmental approvals

  • Develop an international recruiter network.

In addition to the above, Hunter can also provide the following services…

  • Serve as your representative, correspond/negotiate/facilitate/support the establish joint program/partnership

  • Work with your faculty to ensure academic integrity

  • Facilitate international partner team meetings

  • Be respectful, mindful, and knowledgeable regarding your mission and identity

  • Develop local message for marketing and promotion internationally (all materials approved by the designated official at your institution)

  • International student recruitment

  • Collect required admission documentation

  • Assist faculty, teaching schedules, and all other logistical items.

In these troubling and financially challenging times, universities need not cut their international programming and initiatives. Reductions in international program costs can be made without reduction in program development and student engagement/recruitment. For more information, contact us and visit our website at

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