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Teaching Opportunities in China

Hunter, through its Chinese partners, seeks American English speakers to teach in China.  We are looking for individuals from a variety of academic disciplines interested in teaching and working at Chinese universities and high schools. These are short term assignments with pay.  This is a unique opportunity for faculty seeking a unique sabbatical opportunity and students for teaching internships in China.  Successful candidates will work alongside their Chinese faculty counterparts.

Required Qualifications - University Instructors

  • English speaker from U.S.

  • Master’s degree or above

  • TESOL certificate 

  • Significant teaching experience

  • An enthusiasm and passion for teaching

  • Strong communication skills and ability to work in a team

Qualification—K-12 Teachers and Internships

There are 3 types requirement for different applicants

  • With working visa or qualification of applying for working visa:

    • Applicants should be NATIVE English speakers from UK, USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand; Otherwise applicants should be educated  in UK, USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand;

    • Applicants should get Bachelor degree or above before June 30th, 2018;

    • Applicants should be devoted to teaching, patient, responsible and enthusiastic.


  • Experienced Teacher/Teaching Supervisor:

    • Applicants with related certificate or English teaching experiences in English-speaking countries for 2 years or above have priority; a publication record is preferable;

    • Experience with teaching AP/language/subject courses;

    • Applicants should be devoted to teaching, patient, responsible and enthusiastic.


  • Internship:

    • Undergraduate or graduate students in related majors;

    • Duration of internship--6 months or 1 year;

    • Applicants should be devoted to teaching, patient, responsible and enthusiastic.

Job Responsibilities are those of a typical faculty member at a Chinese university and/or K-12.  Successful applicants will work alongside their Chinese colleagues in fulfilling the duties typically assigned a Chinese instructor.  These duties include but are not limited to the following.



The information on the website provided by Hunter is intended for general information purposes only and is subject to change without notice. For update information, please contact us.


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