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VietnamA Good Place to Do Business


A booming global business destination - One of the Top Places to Invest. 

If you are a business distraught by the increasing international economic storms, have you considered doing business with Vietnam? 

While international economic turmoil continues to rise, Vietnam is emerging as a “go to destination” for American businesses.  Hunter Global Education, with its years of experience in Vietnam and in country network, stands ready to assist you to take advantage of the many opportunities and resources available to you in Vietnam.  


Vietnam is a great sourcing network for spare parts and accessories for all industries.  It is an attractive business option for U.S. companies for the following reasons.


1.  Well-trained human resources

"Economic Renewal Movement" has sent thousands of elite students first to Eastern Europe and recently to western countries namely France, England, Australia, Canada, U.S.A....   for training in mechanical engineering and other fields to gear up for the country's post-war economic development. 


Currently, there are nearly 30 universities and colleges in Vietnam offering mechanical engineering programs especially in the new field of "mechatronics". This accounts for great international production standards in VN. Vietnamese engineers and technicians are known for being innovative and hard-working.


2.  Availability of wide-range manufacturers 

Many foreign-owned and joint-venture ISO manufacturing companies between Japan, S. Korean, China, Australia, France. U.S. and Vietnam have been set up in the country.  Parts and accessories for almost all industries can be ordered per specifications. 


3. Advantageous shipping logistics

As a peninsular country with more than 2,500-mile-long coastline and multiple modern seaports and airports, Vietnam offers ideal transportation means at low cost.


4. Economic advantages

After the unification of north and south, Vietnam has been granted a "most-favored-nation" for trade by the international community.  So far, Vietnam has not been singled out for the 25% tariff burden on its exports to the U.S.  Quite a few foreign manufacturers have set up their manufacturing facilities in VN to take advantage of this situation.


As a developing country, Vietnam still offers very low labor cost which makes its exports very cost competitive.


Hunter can assist companies as a catalyst in setting up the connection process.  In Asia, success is measured by relationships.  With its many years of doing business in Vietnam, Hunter has established relationships and a team ready to go to work for you.  If you would like more information about your company doing business in Vietnam, please contact us at

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Why Vietnam

According to the World Bank’s Dong Business 2017 Report.


Vietnam was ranked number 60th in the World Economic Forum’s 2017 Global Competitiveness Report.

"Vietnam is one of the fastest-growing middle and affluent class in the region, with young consumers who are among the most optimistic in the world providing the right demographics for growth and receptivity to U.S. products and services. 

--by U.S. Embassy & Consulate in Vietnam

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