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St. John Northwestern Leadership Academies (SJNLA)

It was such a special trip to visit St. John Northwestern Leadership Academies (the Academy.) Joe Sevenz, Retention Office, who greeted us and took us on a campus tour made us felt welcome and special. Joe was warm and very professional. He shared general information and emphasis on discipline and leadership in a deep and compelling tone. When he talked about graduations, those special moments brought tears in his eyes. What makes an institution unique is the people. Through our visit, we feel so strong about the Academy. Everyone we met, from staff, president to board members, we can feel their love of the Academy.

Established in 1884, the Academy has prepared so many well-rounded outstanding young men for career and successful future. This year, another young man graduated from the Academy was accepted to West Point, No. 1 in Top Public Schools with one of the lowest acceptance rates in the country. What a great testimony to the Academy!