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International Partnership



Hunter believes in the inherent dignity of every individual and the need for students of diverse backgrounds and cultures to get to know one another to make the world a better place.  International education is the key to a peaceful tomorrow; we need to begin opening the doors of opportunity today.

Hunter currently is seeking for ​​U.S. universities for Asian universities in the following areas*



Art and Design


Big Data


Computer Science




English, ESL


Health Management



Management of Enterprise Technology (MET)


Public Health

Short Term Programs

Teacher and Leadership Training


*This list is updated from time to time without prior notice. Please contact Hunter for the updated information. 


COVID Statement

In these troubling and precarious times, institutional leaders have to make extremely difficult decisions on resource allocation and try to anticipate the future. As a tuition-driven institution, income growth and financial stability are crucial. This stability, while being threatened by the effects of COVID-19, has already been compromised by the results of decreasing demographics, increasing competition, and stagnation in the ability to raise already high tuitions.  As presidents and cabinets look for ways of decreasing expenditures in a time of less travel, international programming areas seem to be a place for reduction. 


During this COVID era, Hunter has made international program expansion possible for our clients. Not only have we created new programs but also assisted our clients grow their international programs throughout this period. Institutions do not need to put future international growth on hold because of short-term budget challenges. Even in a time of a global pandemic, Hunter worked with its clients to maintain and grow existing programs and to add a new program in Vietnam.  We can develop similar programs for you – income producing programs according to your needs. 

Business Graphs

What We Do

  • International partnership identification and development

  • Joint program identification and development

  • Partnership agreement preparation and negotiation

  • Local government program application and approval assistance

  • Targeted market promotion assistance 

  • Market and cultural intelligence guidance

  • Partner relationship oversight and monitoring

  • Strategic advising and consulting

Client Note:

Hunter Global Education Clients--in the midst of this most serious coronavirus health crisis and resulting travel restrictions to China, please be advised that the Hunter in-country team is still on the ground and working on your behalf.

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